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Man of the House Mentoring Memphis

“Birmingham Alabama is as significant in the history of modern civilization as Johannesburg or Soweto or Belfast… and as important in American history as Concord, or Gettysburg, or Little Rock.  Arguably, the eight years between 1960 and 1968 are the most volatile and transformational in the history of the world.   Birmingham Alabama was at the very center of the global Campaign for Human Rights”…

Across the South, the triumph in Birmingham inspired similar campaigns. Over a ten-week period, at least 758 racial demonstrations in 186 cities sparked 14,733 arrests. Eager to compete with SCLC, the national NAACP pressed Medgar Evers to launch demonstrations in Jackson, Mississippi. On June 11th President Kennedy made an historic address on national television, describing civil rights as a moral issue and endorsing federal civil rights legislation. Later that night, a member of the White Citizen’s Council assassinated Medgar Evers in the driveway of his Jackson home…

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The Crusade

The timeline for The Birmingham Crusade: "The Memphis Mission" scheduled for June 14, 2014.

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110 Tasks®

Our List of 110 Tasks® That Every Young Man Should Know How To Do...Before Ninth Grade.

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Memphis - The Sixth Annual "Man of the House" Mentoring Event is scheduled for Saturday, June 14, 2014 at the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, TN.  

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The Fourth Annual "Man of the House" Mentoring Event was a tremendous success! Thanks


The 2012 MOH Mentoring Event was made possible with the support of the “real Dudes” and Men of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., and the heartfelt commitment of Chip Dudley and Susan Stevenson, Co-Chairs of Independent Bank.  The two organizations were our Title Sponsors this year, and joined our “Lifetime Sponsors”, Drs. Todd and Ann Marie Motley of the Motley Internal Medicine Group.  The Market Manager for the Cumulus-Memphis Radio Group, Ms. Gennora Reed, provided insight and support for this Mentoring initiative from the start, and set a high standard that the Fourth Annual “Man of the House” Mentoring Event met.

We can’t say enough about the love and support shown by the entire staff of the National Civil Rights Museum.  Ms. Beverly Robertson has been a supporter from the beginning, along with Gwen Harmon, Nanette Wilson, Larry Harvey, Connie Dyson, Ryan Jones, and a dozen other incredible NCRM staff members, who said yes to everything we asked.  We love you all very much, and your assistance has been just as important as any actions I’ve personally taken on behalf of our young men.  By the way, that number is now past 300, with a possible 500 more young men being recruited for the new “Man of the House” Mentoring Program that we’ll launch this fall, 2012-13.

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program participants get:

Hands-On Skills, Manhood Training, Civil Rights History, Fellowship, Our Literacy Workbook, and an opportunity to figure out why he should Step up and become the “Man of the House.”
This program is free to all participants.


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Bill Oldham Shelby County Sheriff - Man of the House Mentoring Memphis

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Hope Credit Union Man of the house mentoring

self tucker architects - man of the house mentoring program

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ewing moving company - man of the house mentoring program

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progressive realty - man of the house mentoring memphis

Motley Internal Medicine Group Memphis
Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau
Memphis Convention and Visitors Bureau
College Ready Memphis Inc. -
Memphis Metropolitan Business Network Inc.
Black Rose Foundation for Children

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